Visiting and Eating in B-N

We’re headed to IL for a few weeks where we’ll hook up with our friends Noah, Charish, Chris, and Lily.  Our friends Bruce and Nancy are making a trip into town to meet us for the 4th and we’ll also get to hang with friends Beth, Carey, Cynthia, Melissa, Roberta, Tim, and any other ISU pals that might be around.  I’m looking forward to seeing all those friends and to eating the following things, in no particular order of yumminess:

Panang Curry at Nana Thai

A beer sampler and brew master’s stone oven pizza at Destihl Restaurant & Brew Works

Chips and cheese late in the night from La Bamba’s

The Coffee Hound coffee

A Baldini pizza from Lucca Grill

A late night delivery of Pokey Sticks from Gumby’s Pizza

Samosas from the Puran Indian Market and naan and a veggie platter from their restaurant – hope they still make Indian pizzas

Great Harvest Bread, Co.

A grilled sandwich at The Garlic Press

A bento box lunch with a bit of sushi from Orient Gourmet

Feedbaggin’ at Ming’s for the lunch buffet

Pork tacos and horchata at Taqueria El Porton

I’ll let everyone know the current yumminess factor, as I haven’t been in B-N for over two years!!!  Looking forward to picking up a fork (or chopsticks) and seeing what’s changed!


2 responses to “Visiting and Eating in B-N

    • Okay, I’m disappointed about the pizza, but psyched to try the buffet. We have a pizzeria here (Yaely’s) that offered empanadilla pizza for a short time (a pizza in which the dough uses plantain flour). Sadly, due to lack of popularity, it was taken off the menu. In my next incarnation, I’m going to have a crazy pizzeria that just makes these quirky flavors.

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