Getting Ready!

My friend, Christine from New Mexico, is primed to be the First Swapper!  I am eagerly awaiting a delivery of Hatch Chile Peppers and have been playing around with recipes in sweet anticipation of her care package.

Christine and I met in Louisville, KY where we were both reading College Board Advanced Placement Literature Examinations.  She is an absolute sweetheart and organized this year’s outing to see the Louisville Bats Minor League baseball team (

While I was most impressed with the ironically humorous eighteen inch hotdogs and corndogs, the fights in the beer line made a stronger impression on my husband.  Apparently there was a one dollar beer happy hour prior to the playing of the National Anthem.  The second the National Anthem began pouring out of the loudspeakers, everyone pouring beer froze.  The minute the organ stopped, so did the flow of cheap suds.  Several of the men in line ahead of us began swearing loudly (in front of small children, mind you) and one even threw his two dollars in the face of the poor woman behind the counter, yelling, “What am I supposed to do NOW!?”  Hmm…  I think that the next time we’re at a game we’ll get in line well before the Anthem starts to play.






Although I couldn’t find anyone interested in sharing a cotton candy with me, I was still tickled to see huge spools of blue and pink spun sugar for sale.  I was also thrilled to meet the celebrated Louisville Cookie Lady and the Hot Nuts Guy (tee-hee).


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