just before our wedding on 12.31.10

Welcome to Food Swap!

Three years ago, my boyfriend and I moved to Puerto Rico for work, leaving behind all our friends and family. A few months ago, we got married! It was the first time that we’d seen so many friends and family members from the mainland in one place since we made the big move to the tropics. Even though it was a wonderful wedding and most of the guests stayed for a whole week to celebrate with us, it made me realize that I’m absolutely rotten at keeping in touch with people. I’m a terrible pen pal! I don’t call or write like I should. I don’t keep up with my facebook everyday (or even every week) and I only email occasionally. I’m a bad friend!

I am, however, a good cook; a REALLY good cook.

I’ve cooked professionally. I’m really interested in local foods and healthy eating. When I go on vacation, I always stop at a grocery store to buy local ingredients. I love to talk about food and I love to listen to other people talk about what they’re eating, what they’re cooking, and what they’re growing. Moving to Puerto Rico has only deepened my interest in eating new foods and heightened my talent for rooting out unique ingredients.

This blog is my mash up of my desire to keep in better touch with my family and friends and need to talk about food as much as possible. On Food Swap, I’ll make a food-based trade with one of my friends or family members each month (with the help of the mail). I’ll trade an ingredient, recipe, or baked good with someone around the globe, near or far. I’ll include the story of the food and the friendship, including the pictures of and recipes for all the yummy treats so that you can follow along at home.

Long live food!

Long live friendship!

Best, Ricia


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